// i am.

written: monday 09 february 2015 @ 9:41pm

i am peach pits and wildflowers that didn’t bloom. i am seeds that people neglected to water. i grew anyway, but i grew crooked and wretched. i am much-afraid. i am a cracked vessel. i am a bruised apple. i am the scritch-scratchy tongue of a wild cat. i am untouched colouring books. i am blue and purple and turquoise crayons. i am the woman at the well. i am the girl who used to see faeries and angels. i am the girl who used to dance. i am flowing skirts and steaming mugs of hot tea. i am still deciding which fig looks the sweetest. i am confused. i was born upside down and i never got turned around. i am easily corrupted. i am breaking free. i am losing. i am gaining. i am learning. i am sunrises. i am i am i am.

who am i?


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