beauty from ashes

written circa february 2013.

We yell, scream, bicker, and fight with each other over whose grain of sand is bigger, over whose speck of dust is more important.

The disciples foolishly asked Jesus which one of them was the best, which one would sit at his right hand. We today compare riches and fight for power, not realizing we are both specks of the same dirt.

Our immensely, unfathomable and powerful God owns all the cattle on a thousand hills. The the ancient Israelites this was a strong statement, but to us it means nothing. So, let’s try it another way: God created the universe by the sound of his voice, the breathe he expelled in one word. He is the owner of all things created – which is everything that exists.

To imagine God’s size is to drive oneself mad, but it is more important to reflect on our own minuscule stature in the face of such a big God. We are like grains of sand. We think we are so important – able to build castles and become beaches, but in reality you have to place us under a powerful microscope to see just who we are. Essentially we are nothing fighting violently over nothing.

But, thankfully, the story doesn’t end here. That God who breathed the universe into existence is a God of love, of mercy, of grace. He knows our size, our abilities and he loves us. He calls us, pursues us. Our God is a great Father who sent his only Son to save us and reconcile us.

In our smallness, he is bigger. In our fighting and bickering he consumes our hearts. Look not to the other grains of sand and what you can “possess” but look to the God who breathed you into existence with a purpose and feel the grace of that relationship – that someone so big, powerful, creative, and transcendent would come down for the sake of someones so small, weak, and easily amused.

And as we look up at the Father and focus on that we become a beach, a communal body that ebbs and flows, changes and reflects back the beauty of our Creator.

We are significant and made majestic because of an through him alone.

*A/N: it makes me look twice about beauty for ashes when I see the sheer beauty of the magnified sand.


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