you are not worthless

written 09 february 2013.
still one of my favourite pieces written to date.

you are not as worthless as they make you feel. you’re worth is knit into the fibre of your being. it is in every bone, every muscle, every cell, every inch of your parts. your worth is that life was breathed into you by the holy and living God who has drawn you up and mapped out a place for you from the stardust of the universe. the name of God is the sound of our breath and we worship him with every inhalation. you are not worthless. pursue your journey in accord with Him who gives you life, worth, and a capacity for unending love. you are not worthless. you are loved. you are treasured.

you can speak volumes and bring answers to wandering hearts. you read voraciously and you understand. you transcend. you write and it is a healing balm. you knit and craft and make things mirroring your creator. you are a reflection of the living God – live like it – embrace your gifts and marvel at your being. look at the phenomenon of your whole being – soul and body. we are all people, but each are uniquely different.

treasured. beloved. cared for. worth it. fearfully and wonderfully made. set apart. hope. purpose. real.


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