written 02 november 2009.
backstory: one night i woke up in the middle of the night and reached for something on my night table. when i pulled my hand back it was smeared with blood. freaked out i rolled back over and curled into my blankets and soon fell back to sleep. the next morning there was no trace of blood, but there were several text messages from a friend about an accident involving a mutual friend that had happened at the same time the blood appeared.

i drape my hand across my dresser late
at night, reaching for something that is
not there.

when my hand comes back red, smelling
like dirty copper and old rusty pipe i gasp.
water ran for no reason out of my faucet
never before had this happened. in surprise
i knew some omen, some force had come.

emergency, emergency.
oh, doctor. doctor why?

i received omens last night, but mistook
them for fear. now i see what that has done.
i shall not fear, but only wail.


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