unexpected lessons and… my little pony?

As I was doing some housecleaning today I set up a documentary on Netflix. I browsed the documentary channel until I came to one called “Bronies.” Now I had seen the term being thrown around online and knew a little bit of this strange subculture – teenage and adult men who enjoy the latest version of My Little Pony. 

I started watching and after a few minutes I was actually engrossed in the show. I originally thought that this documentary would be good for a few laughs, but as I watched the men talk about what My Little Pony meant to them and what they were now doing as a result of this passion for the show I really learned something.

One, I learned just how ignorant cultural stereotypes really are and how detrimental they are to people. We can judge and make fun of these men, but in the end they have a passion and they are doing something with that passion. One young man used it to pursue his passion of remixing music and composing music, one young woman started designing and painting My Little Pony figurines, another young man found something that he could connect with – a hard feat for this young man with Aspergers Syndrome. 

Watching this documentary really taught me a lesson in judging others – namely don’t do it! It doesn’t matter what your passion is, whether is be Star Trek, football, Pinterest, Ryan Gosling, or, yes, evening My Little Pony. This is something that this person is passionate about and they are doing something with that passion – something good. Why mock that?

Another thing I learned is the male/female gender roles and the fear of homosexuality needs to end. I believe that there is something very wrong with our society that a man who isn’t chauvinistic, who isn’t into “manly” things is regarded as feminine and therefore someone to be bullied or someone less than. People are wired differently and just because someone doesn’t fit into one small box doesn’t make them less than. 

In a culture that diminishes the arts we need to reclaim anything that supports the arts. Creativity is a key to a happy, healthy life. It is what is behind a person who makes their dreams a reality. Without creativity we become mindless automatons. Encouraging creativity and independent thought is something I personally support because it allows changes to be made and people to flourish. 

So, whatever your passion may be: pursue it. Support creativity. Don’t judge someone because they aren’t passionate about what you’re passionate about. Don’t judge someone because their passion may seem strange to you. Love changes the world, not hate, suspicion, violence, and separation.


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