a list of things i don’t do.

I was reading the Bohemian Bowman blog and she posted a list of things that she doesn’t do. At the end of the post was a question to readers: “What are some ‘don’ts’ in your life?” Well, this is what I have come up with.

{1} I Don’t Do Twitter or Video Games.
Yes, I am borrowing stealing this from the Bowman blog. But it is true. I just don’t do either of these. In fact I just recently listed my old Nintendo DS on Amazon and I deleted the Twitter account I made just three days after creating it. (That was many months ago, by the way). Twitter comes off to me as unorganised and just plain weird. I barely tolerate Facebook so why would I add something that is basically just a website for status updates to my social media regime? As for video games, I just never found one that captivated me – well, except for Pokemon, but wasn’t everyone addicted to Pokemon-something back in the day?

{2} I Don’t Do “Real” Spoons.
I think it comes from being in recovery from and eating disorder. I think it comes from when I was in inpatient and a friend of mine there turned me on to using baby spoons at meal times. I think it comes from my just acting like a 5 year old but I don’t like metal spoon. I never have really. Even with forks and knives, I hate the metal sound and metallic feeling in my mouth. So yes, I do have a drawer full of cute baby spoons and YogurtLand spoons thank you very much. I know I am a dork and I’m proud of it!

{3} I Don’t Do Normal.
What is normal anyway? But yeah, I don’t do normal. I go for quirky, abstract, funny, different, spunky, spicy, etc. I don’t get “normal.” I don’t want normal. I want to be passionate, creative, and set apart.

{4} I Don’t Do Clutter and Junk.
Okay, so I might need some help with this one. It might be a work in progress, but I am (slowly, but surely) clearing out the clutter in my life and seeking to live minimally. 

{5} I Don’t Do “Passionless” Christianity.
I want radical, passionate, set apart-on-fire-for-God faith. I don’t do legalism or lukewarm Christianity (well, God help me not to. This is another work in progress). I want to be deeply in love with my Bridegroom, my Father, my Friend and live all my days to serve and love Him.

Now, here are some things I still do that I want to turn into things that I do not do:

1. Perfectionism.
2. Not Managing My Budget.
3. Overeating/ED (Ah, the sigh of relief from confessing and admitting a struggle).
4. Did I mention PERFECTIONISM. (Lord Almighty, free me from this created hell!)


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